Lightwork is More Than Attraction

Flowers don’t only grow from sun.. but from rain, and soil, and environmental harmony. 

Souls grow from love, yes… souls grow most from giving, and giving to those in need. 

The spiritually needy are the suffered and depraved. Our souls grow from recognition of the divine in them.


The Side Roads

Yesterday evening I went for a drive with a friend. Recent snowfalls and an abrupt rise in temperatures over the week, followed by a more recent and abrupt drop in temp last night – made roads treacherous. Drivers seemed aggressive and so I naturally drove more defensively; taking my time to change lanes and paying equal attention to the movements around me as to the movements I was making. 

I like to take direct routes when I have a specific destination… and we did have a destination. But we were hanging out and on our way to hang out somewhere else – so we weren’t in a rush. My friend suggested we take side roads; enjoy the journey. The roads were a bit rough and slippery, but with little traffic… no pressure. Side roads only asked of me to focus on my journey and on the road itself. We took in more turns, more stops, a little more scenery… and the drive was peaceful.

Everything has meaning. Everything is symbolic.

One soul poem

(artist unknown – source: facebook page “Bodaishin”)

How much you are able to give…
This is the measure of the gift within you.

We are all gatekeepers to each others’ soul.

There is only one (sole) soul.
Love is the eye that sees the Soul,
through the light of a shimmering tear.

So thank you for every tear;

they have helped me to open my
torn heart.
Now ink drips from my eyes onto a page meant to heal
these torn hearts of ours.

We are all scarred….

The healers are the ones who let the scars break open.


Quiet Mind

(Artist unknown -from Rosacruz Aurea)

Quiet mind.
             And the manic artist tries.
Empty space on a blank page;

…………………………………..trial of a panicked artist.

Writer’s block, she says.
Clearly not part of her plan.

I say, maybe your plans are blocking you.

If it’s not bliss, change. Every path will let you down.
None of them are yours. Heroes will disappoint you.
None of them are you.

So change, until every illusion is broken;
Until the mirror is shattered and there is no one
no one left but you…

Change until the only path that remains is life;
Until silence becomes bliss and the void seems a birthplace.
Your soul is the master of the unknown.
When empty spaces no longer scare you, you have conquered death.

Have you ever fought one desire by feeding another?
You know that to enjoy your deepest wish, you cannot be its slave.


Experiencing Forgiveness

Hi friends. With changing seasons, life changes too… and quickly! Midnight Flyer is likely to become more of a mid-day, rain-day, rare evenings and some weekends flyer… I could post on a timer but authenticity is more important to me. Hah. Anyway, I’m not changing the name; whenever I write, I feel the midnight light of the moon in my heart.

What is Forgiving?

Forgiving is understanding that whatever harm was inflicted upon me is what I had coming. True forgiveness requires no consolation and no apology – not from anyone else. To forgive we learn how to give these things to ourselves. And as we forgive ourselves, everyone is forgiven. Forgiveness is a liberation; it is a part of becoming independent and honest to the meaning of togetherness. I must understand that whatever pain we have felt is exactly what I have earned, that the life I have lived is and has always been my own creation – to understand this means conscious examination of my entire life, the extent of harm that I have caused and the acceptance of responsibility.

Here, we are free of judgement. Here, there is no good or evil. Here, there is no shame. We accept Life as our teacher and we accept our life’s experience… we accept everything. We see that harm is an expression of pain endured. We see that there are no criminals, only people who have suffered. We see that what society requires isn’t justice or a harsher penal system or doctrine disguised as education. We need truth, trust, responsibility, forgiveness and faith in our Redemption. Here, we can be happy. =)

(artist unknown)

How to ask: “Who am I?”


Live. It is the only truth. In its light, even our tears are but a breath.

This is enlightenment:
It is the conscious choice to live.

But what must we face, what must we endure, and what must we let go of to free ourselves so that our choices may be true.

The truth shall set you free.”

A slave mind doesn’t choose, it obeys.
What imprisons the mind?
What is behind your thinking? What dictates your experience of mind – the thoughts you accept; reject – what governs your perception? What makes you feel limited?

Structures have walls… Walls are a part of their nature – the edges of a shape are what define it. Having difficulty knowing how to ask yourself the question, “who am I?” Start by taking yourself to your edges… test yourself… find your walls. Question the mold and if you have courage… cross the line. Do you want to grow? This is how. Keep going.

You think you need a guru to grow safely? A guru will give you his way, and it will become another mind structure… a new prison. You want to be safe? Be your own guru and trust your feelings. This life belongs to us, it is our only true birthright and it is constantly communicating with us. If you are happy with your choices, you’ll be alright. If you’re not… find the walls that are stopping you from changing… break them.

Say, I am the ever-expanding light.